IPL-Hair removal for men

IPL-Hair removal for men The treatment here at LIFE is very safe and reliable! At LIFE relaxation spa & salon Okinawa, we start with analyzing you skin and counseling to understand your skin and hair condition. We use brand new equipment, and our practitioner are well trained. IPL Hair removal works best for people with light skin color. Sessions Plan Every Month for the Most Effective Result

Great Value Package Price


Shoulder / Upper back / Low back

Regular price ¥9,800

Member price ¥8,000


Chest / Upper abdomen / Low abdomen

Regular price ¥9,800

Member price ¥8,000


Above the knees / Below the knees / Dorsum of hand and finger

Regular price ¥9,800

Member price ¥8,000

WHOLE BODY(exc.face)

whole back /whole front /whole arms / brazilian / whole legs / Underarms

Regular price ¥35,800

Member price ¥29,800


Regular price ¥4,000

Member price ¥3,980


Regular price ¥7,980

Member price ¥6,980


V2line + I line + O line

Regular price |9,800

Member price ¥8,000

BRAZILIAN & Buttocks

V2line + I line + O line + Buttocks

Member price ¥8,800

Process of the Hair Removal

  • 1

    Free construction  

    We will explain about the prices and the notes.

    If you like, we will do a patch test for free.

    If you have any questions please feel to ask us

  • 2

    First session

    The day of the consultation or next day or after, please make an appointment when you like

  • 3

    Second session 

    You should wait at least 4-8 weeks to make your next reservation 

    Your hair is getting thinner after a few sessions

    For the shaving fee we will charge extra, please shave the area a day before.

    Please wait for 4-8 weeks before your next treatment